Marc Trotereau


The Basura Project

Based on the spirit of the Microsituations, the Basura project is an exercise of improvisation. Wandering in the streets, I look for bulky waste items and, with few cordless hand tools, I create a new object made out of these materials. Depending on the discover, the typology of waste objects, the weather, I set-up myself and an unexpected atelier in the public space. The intention is to create a collection of one-off objects with their pictures. The objects have been made in different places and countries such as London, Paris, Grenada, Motril, Durcal... Basura is defined as a practice and I aim to extend the collection to another cities depending on my peregrinations.


basuraprojectmarctrotereau 04


basuraprojectmarctrotereau 05


basuraprojectmarctrotereau 06


basuraprojectmarctrotereau 07


basuraprojectmarctrotereau 08


basuraprojectmarctrotereau 09

basuraprojectmarctrotereau 10


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basuraprojectmarctrotereau 33